Welcome to the Sugar Rats Club where adventure awaits….

The Sugar Rats Club offers children a safe platform to explore the incredible world of Mountain Biking including the following:

  • Develop their mountain biking skills
  • Develop their social abilities
  • Encourage team development & unity
  • Weekly Coaching & Time Trials
  • Various sessions targetting all levels
  • Specific Racing Team Coaching
  • Race preparation and entries
  • Race support
  • Technical Skills Development
  • Bike maintenance & cleaning
  • Escorted out-rides
  • Kids Parties
  • Kids MTB Camps
  • Family Fun Days

This programme is designed to improve children’s bike skills, increase their riding ability & distance plus encourage kids to understand their fitness & endurance levels and little bodies better.

Most importantly this is a fun programme and we encourage all kids to participate no matter what their riding strengths – it’s not about winning but working together to enjoy riding and time on the trails.

All children need to have completed both assessments and a minimum of 5 challenge weeks to receive their end of term medals.


Cane Driving Range / Holla Trails, Sugar Rush Park, Esenembe Road, Compensation, Ballito

Thank you to all our Sponsors and Supporters of the Sugar Rats Club: