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Scott Pearmain

Scotty is our trail guru and King of all the Mountains. He has become an integral part of the Rat Pack and has taken the Academy to a whole new level of riding. Scott gets the kiddies across every obstacle and spends time helping them with their skills. He leads the Sugar Rats Racing Team and has taken their performances to new heights around KZN.

Gill von Buddenbrock

Gilly is the Leader of the Rat pack,
but more like the mother hen, she makes sure everyone gets back to the nest safely every ride. Gill's love and passion for the kids and Mountain Biking is infectious and believes its not all about winning but enjoying Mountain Biking for the fun, adventure, friends and working together as a team.

Francois Barnard

Frans is one of the biggest kids in the world, he is the fix it guy (team mechanic) who will always go the extra mile - the kids adore him and he plays a vital role in all our rides, events and race days. The mechanic who loves being on his bike or driving around the country in his Jimny or spending time with his family and gorgeous Grandson.

Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters of the Sugar Rats Club