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We are so excited to launch the first items in our range of cycling goodies, kicking off with our very own Sugar Rats Club Cycling Socks, Masks and Buffs.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our new additions coming soon!


The official Sugar Rats Club SOX to match our awesome new design Club Shirts. Top quality MTB socks for comfort and a fabulous trendy look. Available in Adult and Kids sizes incl. 12-3, 4-7 and 8-11.

R150 a pair



The official Sugar Rats Club Buffs. Top quality MTB buffs great for riding, keeps the neck and ears warm on our chilly winter days, and of course fabulous and trendy too. 1 Size fits all.

R120 each



Sugar Rats Masks designed to be worn anytime. Manufactured according to Govt Directive. No misting of glasses and comfortable elastics around head. Available in Adult and Kids sizes.

R50 each or R120 for Pack of 3


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Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters of the Sugar Rats Club