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Have your kiddies started riding and you need to keep up?

Have you been looking at your bike for 10 years wondering how you are ever going to pluck up the courage to ride it again?

Or do you just want to get involved in one of the best sports around and  need to learn the basics?

Then this is the Ladies MTB option for you....

Details as follows:

Week 1: Assessment
A very basic introduction to Mountain Biking, assessing level and ability! No-one is ever too new or inexperienced.... it's our aim to get you riding confidently and in your own time.  

Going forward...
Week on week we will gradually increase your distance, speed, ability and skills with no pressure.  

Sugar Babes Club
It may take you 2 weeks or you might want to stay forever, once a Sugar Babe, always a Sugar Babe.  You will meet new ladies or join your friends, form your own groups or join other established groups, ride with your families or stay with us as long as you need to.  We are very aware that some ladies just always want to be beginners... 

What to bring:
Please bring your own bikes which must please be serviced and in good working order.  Or you can hire a bike from Holla Trails. Please bring helmets, closed shoes for cycling + Water Bottles.

Please note that NO helmet, NO ride, even when just riding around the car park – accidents can happen anywhere.

All Sugar Babes must either have a Holla Membership or purchase a Day license from Holla Trails for each ride.


Monday & Weds at 8:30am

or Weds at 3pm 


Join the Sugar Babes for only:

R500pp once off fee, which includes a Complimentary Sugar Babes Buff... 

Adhoc Skills Group Courses, Dates TBC:


One-on-One Coaching (by request only):


Please complete the form below to secure your spot now!!  You won't regret it.

Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters of the Sugar Rats Club