Sugar Rats Club Fees

The next term starts week commencing 20th January 2020 and will run for 8 weeks. 

At the beginning of each year or when new children start, a registration fee of R350 will be applicable.  Each Child will receive a Personalised T-shirt, Branded Water Bottle and Holla Bike Board with lots of other benefits from supporting partners.

We are very excited to announce that we have a new sponsor for the Sugar Rats Club, Seeff North Coast, who have been key in our rebranding and restructuring of the Sugar Rats.  We therefore have new shirts and bike boards being designed which are all included in the Registration fee.

Coaching Times & Fees are as follows:

Novice – Thursday – 2:30 – 3:00pm – R900 per term

By request only: This time is set aside only be for children on fairy wheels or just coming off of them who need a few weeks to get going and gain confidence.  Once they are ready to ride the distance with the bigger kiddies we will move them up to the 3:15 group.  Usually takes 2-3 weeks.

Beginners – Thursday – 3:15 – 4:15pm – R800 per term

The 3:15 group are a comfortable group generally on a 16” or 24″ bike who are happy to continue gaining experience up to around 5kms.

Intermediate group – Thursday – 4:30 – 5:30pm – R800 per term

These are the kids who are more than capable of 5kms and are pushing to ride 8-10kms.

Advanced Group – Tuesday 4:15pm  – 5:30pm –  R850 per term

These kids happily ride 10kms and are pushing for the 15-18kms.

Sugar Rats Racing Team – Wednesday 4:00pm – 6:00pm

This is our Sugar Rats Racing team, what all the other groups can aspire to get into eventually – these kids ride ± 25kms – 2 hours and focusing on distance and race preparation – Pink, purple and other longer routes.

Benefits for the SUGAR RATS CLUB

Each Child will receive:-

  • A Personalised T-shirt
  • Branded Water Bottle
  • 2020 Holla Bike Board
  • 8 Weeks of specialized coaching plans
  • Fun & Interactive Activities
  • Club Badge Achievements for bike & riding etiquette
  • Medal at the end of every term
  • Certificate at the end of every year
  • Discount for Sugar Rats Holiday Camps

Additional Benefits from supporting Partners:-

🔫2 Free Laser Rush or Rushing Arrows sessions per year PLUS a visit to the Ballito Ski Park

T&C’s apply – New specials coming soon….


Spaces are limited so please register your child as soon as possible:-

Either full payment for the Term when booking, due by 20 January 2020, to include the once-off Annual registration fee of R350.  (For example, Thursday groups will be R1,150)

Or 2 Monthly payments by 20th January 2020 (For example R750 – To include Reg fee) and balance by 20th February 2020 (R400).

Or R120 per lesson (Pre-arranged only – please WhatsApp Gill to book 079 528 4665)

To register, please complete the Registration Form and send Proof of Payment to

Sugar Rats Club

Payments can be made to the following account or using the Zapper code:-

Elite Eventures
FNB, Ballito
Branch code: 250102
Acc No: 627 484 734 10